Unique Positioning

The genesis of Melody was the recognition that private lending is fundamental to credit financing and highly-desired by businesses that do not fit traditional options.

Focused Strategy

Melody Capital Management is positioned to focus on these special situations and to become a leading solution provider with a premium on creativity.

Solutions Provider

Melody Capital Management seeks to be at the forefront of private lending and a core partner in every transaction.

Melody Capital Management, LLC (“Melody”) is the Registered Investment Advisor to Melody’s Funds. Melody’s focus is to make opportunistic credit related investments with a focus on “bespoke” private secured loan origination in North America. Melody works with issuers who place a premium on customized credit solutions, speed of execution and privacy.

Melody also owns a portfolio of wireless communication assets. These assets have strategic value, located in the U.S. and consist of land under telecom towers and rooftop and structure easements which wireless carriers use to provide critical wireless network coverage.

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