About Us

Private Lending Firm

Melody has a unique strategy of crafting solutions in partnership with issuers. This custom financing approach allows for creative solutions in situations where there is: (i) collateral complexity, (ii) structural complexity, (iii) the need for confidentiality, (iv) a need for speed of execution, and / or (v) a need for financing of a size that is challenging for the traditional capital markets. Melody is led by Omar Jaffrey and Andres Scaminaci who have over 40 years of combined investing, credit, structuring, legal and banking experience.

The Partners have a long history of working together at leading global financing institutions and have been successful through various market and economic cycles. The team’s history as credit investors has created a process and discipline that sets Melody apart from competitors who have only recently become interested in private lending and credit opportunities. The complementary skill sets of the members of the investment team allow them to evaluate investment opportunities with different points of view.