melody /mel·o·de/ n.   —   A melody is fundamental to music and common to all cultures. A melody is an agreeable arrangement of components that is perceived as one entity – an aesthetic whole. A melody is at the core of a musical composition.

Melody was founded and its investment team is led by Cesar Gueikian, Omar Jaffrey and Andres Scaminaci (“Founders”). Cesar Gueikian built and managed the Special Situations Group (“SSG”) globally, a loan origination and credit opportunities group at UBS Investment Bank (“UBS”). Andres Scaminaci and Omar Jaffrey were co-Heads of Americas SSG. Together they originated, led and invested over $3 billion of senior secured loans in multiple companies and across complex situations.

During the course of 2012 the Founders recognized that the implementation of new bank capital rules, primarily Basel III, coupled with political intervention and increasing regulation were forcing banks to reduce the availability of credit for middle market, private and unrated borrowers. At the same time, the need for growth capital and creative solutions has been increasing, creating a supply-demand gap. The Founders recognized that this gap represented an opportunity to establish an independent, solutions based lending platform to extend credit to private, unrated companies around the world. Therefore, in late 2012 they formed Melody Capital to make loans to private and unrated companies and asset rich borrowers who value a solutions based partner.